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Description of the fish pump:

WJM fish pumps are equipped with a new control system,
which involves smooth, stepless changes in the rotor speed.
With our hydraulic fish pump system, we expect significant improvements in fish quality, simpler and better control over fish transfer, environmental friendliness, no oil spills, low power and high efficiency.

Features of the fish pump:

  • pump capacity from 1000 tons to 3500 tons per hour

  • maximum pump capacity is 210 to 400 l / min

  • can be installed on existing systems using fish hoses from 12 to 18 pump capacity: up to 4500CUM, depending on the lifting height


Contact us!


Klimiuk Vladimir
Mob. +82-10-4071-7763

Yoon Boseok
Mob. +82-10-5664-4742

Thank you!

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