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Наша продукция

WOOJU постоянно находится в движении.
Вахта «WOOJU» вне времени — продолжаем работу!

 Deck machinery, especially electrically or hydraulically powered anchor and mooring winches for seagoing vessels, has been part of WOOJUENETEK´s standard program for over 27 years.

 This encompasses the following products:

  • Anchor Winches

  • Combined Anchor-Mooring Winches

  • Mooring Winches with and without Constant Tension Device

  • Chain Stoppers

  • Anchor Capstans

  • Mooring Capstans

  • Towing Winches

  • Anchor Handling Winches

  • Deck Crane

 The following drives are available:

  • AC Poll Changeable

  • AC Frequency Converter Controlled

  • Medium and High Pressure Hydraulic (nom. pressure 110-260 bar)

Deck Machinery


Anchor and Mooring Winches

 WOOJUENTEK anchor and mooring winches are designed with robust steel welded construction. The spur-gear transmission is splash-lubricated. All shafts have been fitted with roller bearings, and the rope drum and cable lifter run on high-grade bronze bushings.


 By request, the winches can be fitted with an integrated bolt-up foundation. This saves the costs of the yard building and foundation construction.


 Both the rope drum and chain pulley can be declutched, stopped, and held in place using a band brake that can be manually or optionally hydraulically actuated.

  • Chain Size: 22 mm – 137 mm K3

  • Pull (Rope Drum): 50 – 300kn

Chain Stoppers

 WOOJUENTEK chain stoppers are designed to withstand a force equal to 100% of the chain-breaking strength. Mechanically and hydraulically actuated lashing devices are integrated into the function of the chain stopper.

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